Leased Lines & EFM

MPLS, leased Lines, and EFM

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Connected. Dedicated Business Internet connectivity and communications for your business.

Connect your business with dedicated Business Internet connectivity with questConnect Leased Lines and EFM

Leased Lines and EFM will connect your business with super-fast, secure, and ultra-resilient Business Internet connectivity.

Dedicated Leased Lines and EFM opens up a world of possibilities to your business including cost saving through Voice-over-IP telephony solutions, and the world of Cloud Computing services.  Give your business the connectivity it needs to step ahead of the competition, with questConnect Dedicated Leased Line and EFM Connectivity, in partnership with Gamma Telecom.  All of this, with a 100% up time guarantee.

Quest are Gamma Telecom Certified Partners which ensures our clients get the best possible service and that we are qualified to recommend the best connectivity services to our clients.

  • Dedicated connection to the Internet with a 100% up time guarantee SLA
  • Super-fast speeds – make sure your business isn’t held back by slow Internet speeds
  • Cost saving through VoIP telephony and more flexible Cloud Computing solutions become more available to you
  • Uncontended connection – no sharing of bandwidth with your neighbors; get the speeds you pay for!
  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Speeds of up to 1 Gbps

Utilising BT’s core network infrastructure and connecting into Gamma’s extensive Next Generation Network, Gamma’s network is designed to deliver dedicated, low latency and high availability services, with resilience built-in at every level.

EFM (Ethernet Final Mile/Ethernet in the First Mile)

EFM is a type of dedicated business-grade Internet connectivity, where your Internet connection runs over the fibre-optic cabling that is part of BT’s 21st Century Network (21CN).  Traditional copper wire connects your premises to your local Exchange, but beyond that, you’re on super-fast fibre-optic cables.

As a business-grade service, EFM offers an uncontended Internet service, meaning you aren’t sharing your bandwidth with other homes or businesses; you get the speeds you pay for.

Leased Lines

Leased Lines are one step further than EFM, in that fibre-optic cables are installed to connect your premises to your local Exchange; from there, you utilise BT’s core fibre-optic network.  As a result, you can achieve speeds of up to an eye-watering 1 Gbps!  Costs are slightly higher as a Leased Line install requires the laying and installation of fibre-optic cabling, but it is the best possible way of achieving blisteringly fast speeds.

Converged Ethernet is Gamma’s premium high-speed connectivity service for businesses that demand high availability and capacity services; it is provided as a dedicated connection (from 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps) with the option to converge your Internet and voice services on to one network. The service, which is fully managed and monitored, is backed up by an impressive Service Level Agreement meaning you can get on with running your business with peace of mind.

3 service options are available to you over either fibre-optic Ethernet or EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile):

  • A connection for high-speed Internet access
  • A connection for your IP Telephony Service
  • A converged connection for both IP Telephony and Internet access