Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

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Cloud Servers the way it should be done.

Hosted Servers are undoubtedly the future of IT. Move your data to the cloud, customise the platform and enjoy all the added security, accessibility and future-proofing benefits that cloud computing can bring.

Quest Hosted Servers are available as public cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service), using our state-of-the-art Second Generation cloud infrastructure. Using distributed resources across multiple physical servers and storage, our enterprise-class environment is highly stable and resilient, supports rapid deployment, and can be specified exactly how you need it.

Private cloud hosted servers are also available from Quest, for those organisations who need dedicated infrastructure and hardware for the ultimate in performance, manageability and security.

All of our PaaS cloud services are fully supported and managed to the Operating System level. As standard we will always use the latest stable releases of Operating Systems, but can provide alternatives if required on request.  Our Quest support team will ensure that your platform is always full patched, updated, and performing optimally.

If you’re looking for an IT solution that provides value to your customers’ businesses in every way, allowing them to focus more time and money away from IT onto what their business does best, a public cloud hosted server could be the right solution to offer them.

From a domain controller and fileserver, to any business applications, a cloud-hosted server is a truly flexible offering that delivers exactly what businesses demand.

You only ever pay for the resources needed to operate your business today, the service grows with your business. Finally say goodbye to paying thousands on over-specifying your on-site hardware to allow for your predicted business growth over its lifecycle; and move over to a predictable, sustainable OPEX-based model for your IT costs.

A hosted server environment delivers a fully prepped and ready to go computing platform to run applications on, each with its own disk space, bandwidth, CPU allocation, memory and operating system – all for one all-inclusive monthly fee.

For most purposes, it’s functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server, but is priced much lower as it shares underlying physical hardware with other businesses using cloud services.

Each server is presented as a virtual machine, and provides a highly secure and resilient environment, ideal for hosting any critical or non-critical business applications.

Individual servers are isolated from each other, and run their own full-fledged operating system, which can be independently rebooted as a virtual instance.

Being built on virtualisation, platform resilience is included with each hosted server as standard.  Servers or storage aren’t tied to specific, allocated hardware, and the service will continue to run even after a failure of a vital component.

Each server has a dedicated vLAN and a static IP for incoming traffic routing. Plus additional external IP’s and virtual firewalling is available on request.

Servers are preconfigured and provisioned FOC, and Quest can work with you to install your customers 3rd party applications. It usually takes less than 48-hours to create a VPS.

Each server is configured against the resource requirements you might have; if you don’t know what you need, we can help you specify. You buy your server resources in blocks of RAM, vCPU’s and storage (both standard and SSD types are available).