Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange - by Quest Cloud

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Email the way you want it.

Make the world’s favourite email product part of your cloud portfolio. Add Hosted Exchange by Quest Cloud and benefit from a robust, enterprise-level solution that’s totally scalable and supported by our UK only data centres.

It takes just minutes to add or remove accounts, so this is a flexible solution that can grow with any business and can be integrated with additional Quest Cloud products.

You have the option of choosing our multi-tenanted Exchange environment, which is lower cost and email accounts be created in minutes, but is still ultra reliable on our highly resilient platform.

Or you can go for a private, dedicated Exchange solution if a customers requirements are insistent on the additional security measures included.

Connectivity is provided at 1Gbit/sec and the solution is automatically backed up and managed for you. Plus you’ve got Banking-level encryption and the data centres themselves are in secure compounds with 6-layer entry systems and biometric scanning.


Without doubt, email is now business critical for every organisation, and it has overtaken voice as our number one preference for communicating with our customers, suppliers and contacts.

It is therefore imperative that your email solution is as reliable as possible, you want to avoid any downtime as missing that important email could be costly for your organisation.

Quest Hosted Exchange is built on our ultra-reliable Second Generation cloud platform, with resilience built into the hardware that usually only multi-national type businesses could afford. The net result is an email platform that is always available for you. And as it’s cloud based, it’s easily available from wherever you are, and always backed up.

The multi-tenanted Exchange is designed to be robust while being low cost by ts very design. Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers; tenants may have the ability to customise some parts of the application, such as the user interface, but they cannot customise the application’s code.

Our multi-tenanted solution is built on our cloud platform across multiple Exchange servers, with many levels of redundancy applied at every level of the solution for ultimate reliability and scalability.

For the multi-tenanted Exchange product, we can usually complete the installation same-day. Just confirm with us how many mailboxes (email addresses) needed, and we’ll advise you on making some changes to your domain name’s DNS records.

Once the changes become live, we can then take any .PST files into our environment, and then you’re ready to add your new mailbox credentials into Outlook.

25GB Microsoft Exchange mailbox
Mobile email connectivity
Microsoft Outlook Web Access for web-based access
Integrates with all quest hosted products
Support for 3rd party web apps
Basic Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware Scanning
Enhanced SLA
UK-based telephone and email support desk
Banking-level SSL encryption
Migration assistance
Free setup