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Hosted Desktops by Quest Cloud

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The Ultimate Desktop for your Business.

Quest Hosted Desktops are an efficient and flexible solution for those businesses looking for a highly managed, secure and easily supported alternative to traditional desk-side computing.

Based on a highly-developed Microsoft RDS (Remote Desktop Services) environment, Hosted Desktops gives users an effective ‘office in a box’ solution, that is proven to substantially reduce the input and amount of time businesses spend thinking about their IT.

Quest Hosted Desktops are available as either a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) using multi-tenancy architecture to deliver low cost but high performing user desktops, or as a bespoke private cloud installation if additional environment resilience and security is required.

Your Windows desktop is hosted in the cloud at Quest’s UK-based data centre, so they’re safe and secure and backed up daily. Any new versions of software are automatically taken care of for you.
Enterprise-class reliability is built in, so your desktop is always available when you need it – from wherever you are on any device; all you need is an internet connection

Small business owners have always found growing their business and being more efficient with their time a challenge, and for many the world of IT as well as complementing what you do, can also significantly slow you down, and can often present you with unplanned costs.

Thinking about when to next upgrade software, remembering to apply security patches, updating anti-virus – all essential IT disciplines that must be done, but ultimately distract from business running.

Quest Hosted Desktops are run from our secure cloud platform, and we monitor, maintain, backup and upgrade all desktops, allowing the users to benefit from the very best reliable and robust desktop experience.

No need to buy any servers or other expensive IT equipment, eliminating CapEX, all you need is your end-user devices and an internet connection.

Our Hosted Desktops are accessed via any web browser either through the installed local client, or the Quest web portal (which can be rebranded if required), allowing entry to work applications and data no matter where you are, which ever device you’re working from.

You can choose to have your full work desktop presented over your local device O/S, or using Remote Apps stream your application to your device so it appears to be running locally.

By adding the Quest File Sharing service DIVVIED, you can benefit from offline working, allowing you to still access your data even when an internet connection isn’t available.

There are two different versions of Quest Hosted Desktops available to purchase – the Basic and Standard versions. The Basic variant is ideal for those users who want to have a basic managed operating system to provide the hub to access other third party applications, such as Office 365 which we can integrate into the hosted desktop for a seamless user experience.

The Hosted Desktop Standard is a full ‘office in a box’ solution, and includes the applications all businesses need as standard; email and the Office Suite.

Quest will work with all partners to ensure their clients have all their required applications available through the hosted desktop.

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FeatureBasic User AccountStandard User Account
Company Shared Drive
Microsoft Office 2016 StandardAdd-on available
25GB Microsoft Exchange mailboxAdd-on available
Add any Windows based application
Integration with Office 365
Offline files with Quest DIVVIED bolt-on
Basic anti-virus & anti-spam
Enhanced SLAAdd-on available
UK-based telephone and email support
Secure SSL Encryption
Migration AssistancePlease contact
Free Setup