Converged Internet Access for Voice and Data Traffic

Converged Internet - Super-fast business broadband for businesses needing Voice traffic (Voice-over-IP (VoIP)) and data traffic over the same broadband connection.  Quest Cloud Solutions Ltd, in partnership with Gamma Telecom

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Dedicated and Reliable. Internet for Voice & Data Traffic.

Converged Internet is the perfect choice for businesses needing voice traffic, such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone calls, and data traffic, over one broadband connection.

Our Converged Internet service actively monitors the connection and ensures that call quality is never affected by data traffic, while maximising download and upload speeds when calls aren’t being made or received.

  • A Single Connection – no need to pay for two or more broadband connections anymore
  • Guaranteed Call Quality – never worry about heavy data traffic breaking up your important calls
  • Move to the Cloud with Confidence – knowing your calls won’t be affected gives you the confidence to move to “the Cloud”
  • Cost Savings with VoIP – converged broadband will open the door for moving to a VoIP solution, enabling a wealth of features and saving you money!