Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup  by Quest Cloud

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Secure. Automated. Essential.

Our highly secure Cloud Backup solution, using only enterprise-level encryption over UK data centres, is low cost, and easy to install and manage. Once you set your backup schedule, the software and Quest Cloud will do the hard work for you; no more switching out tapes, no more messing around with hard drives, no wasted time.

Quest’s Cloud Backup software encrypts and uploads just your daily file changes to our cloud platform every night, based on the schedule you set. It only uploads the changes made to your files each day, rather than your entire data set, so it even works for those customers with slow internet connections.

If you have a lot of existing data, we will help you perform the initial seed-load onto an external portable hard drive to ship to our data centre, where we’ll then copy the encrypted data into your backup account.


questBackup Cloud Backup FeatureAll As Standard
"Set it and forget it" Automation
Easy Restore of Files
Very Cost-effective
Banking-level SSL Encryption for Ultimate Security
Complete Flexibility in Backup Types & Scheduling
Multiple Geographically-Dispersed datacentres
UK-Only Datacentres
Incremental Backups
Resilient SAN Storage
Microsoft SQL Backup
Microsoft Exchange Backup including Brick-Level Restore
Customisable Schedules and Archiving
Financially-Backed SLA
Dynamically Expandable Storage