Evolving Technology: Why 2nd Generation Cloud and IoT are so important


In just a few years, cloud computing has gone from a technology that raised eyebrows and was dismissed by many, to a technology that 90% of businesses have adopted in some form. It has proven to be a major revolution in the IT industry.

As cloud is now truly gathering momentum, and with the imminent explosion of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, the cloud now has to evolve to keep pace.

First-Generation Cloud

Cloud services were already a major step forward in the IT industry, and to begin with, many of us only used the cloud for software testing, or for less critical applications.

Now we have become much more comfortable with the cloud and how these applications perform hosted in this environment, customers are no longer tentative, and are planning to migrate more business critical and intense workloads.

This will bring CSP’s (Cloud Service Providers) a whole host of new challenges, with customers now demanding better resilience, performance and flexibility in their service.

Internet of Things

The other main contributor to drive CSP’s to significantly upgrade their infrastructures is IoT, which will create unprecedented load onto cloud platforms.

Essentially, IoT is the concept of connecting a physical object via its IP address and the internet, and is the interoperability and communication that occurs between this object and another device (such as a smartphone).

This then allows you to carry out a number of functions to that object, from wherever you are at any time. Objects that are already being used for IoT include security systems, central heating, ovens, cars, electrical appliances, household lights, and many more.

From a commercial perspective, it’s much more about collecting data that can either be used for POL (Pattern of Life) analytics, market insights or to change a behaviour in an object.

Due to the obvious geographical dispersion of IoT objects, there is no more suitable place to gather this data than sending it to a central cloud hosted service.

The New Era of cloud

While cloud was a new concept, the first generation cloud platforms were nothing more than the typical virtual infrastructures we were using for our own or our customers’ infrastructures. They were essentially built using these same ideas and principals, as CSP’s were yet to gain experiences of the specific demands of cloud computing.

Now that we are familiar with the different set of requirements and challenges, second generation cloud infrastructure is engineered as a dedicated platform for CSP’s to provide the key deliverables that are required to deliver exceptional service through platform reliability, performance and management.

The Quest 2nd Generation Cloud

Here at Quest Cloud, we are proud that we have already moved into the new era of cloud computing. We now offer a real alternative to the cloud infrastructure services provided by the big three Cloud Service Providers (Amazon, Google & Microsoft), by also offering a carrier-grade service, tested and engineered to meet or exceed “five nine” high availability standards.

Our investment underlines our commitment to provide our customers with best-of-breed technology, hosted in UK-only data centres, supported directly by our personable UK-based team. All in all, this combination makes Quest Cloud unique.

The Technical Stuff

There are a number of industry firsts with our new second generation cloud storage platform. Over 350 patents signifies this freedom of design to create a new way of doing things, to tackle the things that mean the most to cloud providers and their customers.

This total re-design from the ground-up improves the reliability and performance of the storage media by up to 4 times when compared to a traditional storage array, while never experiencing performance drop-off as the system becomes fully utilised.

Redundancy at every level of the environment, from DRAM caches, power supplies, and controllers, to reserved storage capacity, ensures that when failures do occur, it will always continue to be available.


The real clever bit with our new cloud platform is its industry-first self-healing capabilities. Detailed telemetry from each component identifies a potential service compromise, which initiates the automatic repair service without human intervention or the loss of either performance or capacity.

The self-healing feature immediately isolates the issue by migrating services onto reserved hardware, before perform diagnosis and carrying out fix processes such as power cycling, drive resets or firmware installations.

These new technologies within the second generation cloud platforms are designed towards the push for ultimate platform availability. If you would like to find out more about the new technologies within the new Quest Cloud infrastructure, please contact us today.


Having spent more years than he would care to admit to working in IT, Nick hasn’t lost any of his passion for the industry. The constant need to be on your toes with new technologies and innovations keeps your mind busy and focused; but once in a while something comes along that’s a real game changer and enthuses your excitement for IT.

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