About Quest Cloud

Quest Cloud are your strategic IT provider specialising in channel-focused cloud hosted IT Solutions and Comms. We are an innovative and forward thinking company, and have been supplying cloud solutions since 2010, a long time before most and before it was accepted as a real alternative to your traditional IT technology.

This truly puts us ahead of the curve and ahead of our competitors with experience and knowledge of cloud-based solutions. Over this time, we have worked with our partners and migrated hundreds of small to enterprise sized businesses onto our cloud platform, where they have realised the following benefits from the cloud technologies model and from Quest Cloud:

  • A different way to pay for your IT; pay only what you need on a monthly basis
  • No up front costs, improve the way you use IT without having to invest thousands
  • All support services included in the monthly fee; all UK based and response within 1-hour
  • We can make changes to your service, including changing or adding new users or increasing storage, in minutes
  • Never worry about being on the latest version of software again, all new version upgrades included
  • The most secure environment; we use the best security equipment, latest updates are always applied
  • Gain access to your IT wherever you are at anytime, on any device
  • Your data is always safe on UK shores, unlike services provided by US-based cloud providers

Our goal is to ensure that we can provide a complete cloud experience, whether through our range of standard products and services, or if we need to create a bespoke solution that works exactly how you need it to.

With any existing IT services that are currently based on-site, Quest will take up the challenge to show we can always offer an alternative, better value cloud based service. Have any server and application and all the data rebuilt by Quest in our cloud, running on the latest operating systems and hardware, providing an ultra-reliable and fully managed IT platform that lets you and your customers get on with running your businesses.

Quest Cloud also provide additional services that bolt-on as additions to existing on-site IT, such as online backup, full disaster recovery and file sharing/collaboration solutions. We can even supply the internet connectivity services required to connect to our cloud platform.

There are so many advantages gained by moving into the cloud, least not improvements to overall efficiency, reliability and of course the cost saving implications. But moving into the cloud is a daunting proposition for most.

Consider this question: is it right to take such an important step into the cloud with a large multi-national company, who doesn’t really care about your business, where you simply become a number for them to invoice? Wouldn’t you much prefer to work with a partner who wants to know about you and your business, who will walk with you throughout your journey into the cloud and beyond? Quest Cloud is that company. And we are unique.

Most local IT support companies are reselling cloud packages from US companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google or Dropbox – which is largely unprofitable and you wont be standing out from the crowd.

Quest Cloud have invested into and built our own specialist cloud solution environment, hosted in a state-of-the-art highly secure data centre, so you don’t have to. We provide those Microsoft services your customers are asking for in the cloud; like Email, Office, Windows Servers and Desktops (and much, much more) – but not hosted or billed by Microsoft, all from us.

The support experience you offer to your customers has always been great and personable. You need to make sure when you sell the cloud, that you can maintain the level of service your customers have always got, or your own reputation could be at risk, and any other contracts you have with them.

You need a cloud partner you can trust. It takes a personal face-to-face relationship to build up a dependable, trustworthy working relationship; you need a partner who is more than just an IT supplier, you need one who wants to know about your business, your challenges and how to work within your local business community.

Knowing who to speak to on the IT help desk for a particular issue, the person in finance for a billing enquiry, or for a general chat or advice from your account manager, is probably the type of service you already give to your customers.

If you choose to work with a large multi-national for your cloud IT services, prepare yourself for becoming a small fish in a big pond, and a completely different level of service. The upside is they’re probably a bit cheaper, but expect a very impersonal, very inconsistent experience, with a different operative of a varying standard every time you call; and don’t expect to build up any kind of relationship or rapport.

You currently provide IT support at a personable level, and your customers choose you for this – they don’t want not to work with a large multi-national for their on-site IT support.
So why would you want to risk this with your cloud partner?

This is such an emotive subject for any business considering cloud. Moving data from where it has always been, routed firmly within the ‘safety’ of your customers’ four walls, and passing it over to someone else to look after – is perceived as a high risk and often the reason why some find it a difficult to make the cloud transition.

Consider the little old lady who still keeps her life savings in a shoe box under her bed. To her, it’s still the best, safest place to keep it. But of course it’s not. It should be kept in a facility that is fit for purpose – a bank.
But she won’t figure that out until after its gone.

We all use banking in business – and money to a degree is replaceable. But your business data is unique, and it’s irreplaceable, and without information on customers,  stock,  assets,  contacts and finances – a business could quickly cease to exist. Data obtainability should be treated with the ultimate level of importance.

And then there’s your premises – are they physically secure enough to safely keep data? Are IT systems always reliable and well supported so data is always accessible and useable?

How about internet security – have you done all you can to prevent a data breach?
Never think just because you’re not a corporate, you’re not a target. An estimated 71% of all attacks are on SMB’s. And 60% of these then go out of business after 18 months.

If you can’t answer positively to all of the above, it’s time to bring in the cloud.
Think of cloud as an equivalent to a bank for IT – it’s the best most fit-for-purpose place to keep data and run any business IT from.

We keep your data in an environment that fits how important business data is. We keep all of our data safely in our enterprise-class UK only data centre, trusted by organisations such as the NHS and Virgin. A totally secure purpose built complex, with biometric entry, monitored by CCTV and security guards always on-site around the clock. That’s how safe.

Within the data centre, Quest Cloud have invested the type of money on our cloud platform that is befitting an enterprise-sized business. With multiple layers of hardware redundancy usually out of reach of the budgets of SMB’s, this means a much lower probability of IT service downtime compared to what they would have on-site now.

The final concern is internet security. Quest Cloud have to ensure that security is always at the top of our priority list, and is monitored, updated, and improved constantly; with security breaches constantly in the public eye, we cannot afford to make any compromises. The net result to you is a level of internet security far beyond what you could normally afford or have the skill-set to manage.

Remember once we’ve carried out a full migration of data and services into the cloud, there will be no services or data left on-site. So even if a current on-premise infrastructure did get hacked, there is nothing for the hackers to take or break.

There are many conflicting stories about what happens to data when it’s migrated to the cloud; and as a companies data is their business, they can’t afford to have any concerns or doubts where they feel it could be at risk.

The bad news is there are some outside influences out of our control that means your data is never totally safe from being scrutinised without your permission. The US Patriot Act allows their Federal Agencies to “snoop” on data if it’s stored on US shores, or if the parent company provider is US based, regardless of where in the world your data is kept.

All of the big cloud supplies fall into this bracket; Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Dropbox – and even some of the more specialist providers such as Rackspace have US based data centres.

If this is particularly concerning to you, especially if you have sensitive data, fortunately there is an answer to this; only work with a UK based cloud company, who can guarantee data will be stored within the UK – where the US laws are not applicable.

However, this in itself is not enough, as some UK cloud companies can’t demonstrate that their internal infrastructure and operational procedures are adequately designed to guarantee the safety of your data. What you must seek is a UK based data centre which has been audited to meet the industry standard for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, known as ISO 27001.

Looking for a provider that ticks all these boxes?
Quest Cloud does.